Welcome to High Ground - a dimension between physical reality and the spirit world. We revel in the splendor of Colorado’s natural environment on the shoulder season by embracing crisp atmospheres, Fall colors, beautiful skylines, and lush valleys engulfed by snow-kissed mountains.

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Our distinctive Colorado elements are injected throughout High Ground with a tilted lens that unravels a story of positivity, connectivity, and new beginnings through tasteful art, cutting edge production, and activations. From the moment you, our Revelers, purchase tickets to the second you return home, you will be immersed and engaged in the High Ground dimension.

Our dimension celebrates

the spirits of animals native to Colorado

bear face.png

Black Bear

Confidence, power to

stand against adversity

elk face.png


Strength, stamina, endurance, patience, community

wolf face.png

Grey Wolf

Freedom, intelligence, deep connection with instincts

These spirits offer messages that form the pillars of our High Ground community. At High Ground, we love each other and focus on the progression of ourselves as individuals and as a community. We harness our individual and collective strengths to reimagine our unique and beautiful world. 


As our story begins, the High Ground dimension is facing difficult challenges: After months of disruption, we have lost touch with the spirit world. Our Revelers must join together to reestablish this connection so we can regain our sense of identity.


Over the next few months, we will work together as a community to complete fun challenges (digital &  IRL) that unlock the secrets of High Ground and increase your power as a Reveler (upgrades, special experiences). Once we've arrived at High Ground in October, completing the final challenges may be the key to reopening the portal to the spirit world.